<![CDATA[Party Bus Rental and Limousine Service in NJ, NYC - Blog]]>Sat, 02 Jan 2016 13:41:55 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Exclusive Prom Night Celebration In New Jersey]]>Sat, 20 Jun 2015 08:03:23 GMThttp://nynjlimousine.weebly.com/blog/exclusive-prom-night-celebration-in-new-jerseyAs the high school years come to the end, most students are looking forward for the event that they have always worked for, the prom! However, there is no other way to celebrate the milestone achievement than with the fully-equipped party bus in New Jersey.

With our qualified chauffeurs behind the wheel, your parents can rest assured that you, along with your friends can be transported to the prom venue with utmost safety. When it comes to hire a party bus in New Jersey, the more people go in, less the cost will be per person.


All the parents worry for their children when they are not at home. When a teenager group riding in a same vehicle, the distraction increases rapidly. However, when you will hire charter bus service in New York City, of NYNJ Limousine for your teen’s transportation, be sure that your kids will be safe on the roads. Our chauffeurs have been received specialized license to operate the vehicles. When the passengers are riding with our chauffeur then safety is their number one priority. By hiring our chauffeured party bus in New Jersey, you no longer need to worry about the distractions caused by the group of friends riding together on such an exciting night.


When you will let your teen’s prom night transportation to us, don’t need to worry about missing out any aspect of the special prom night. Our chauffeurs are punctual enough to pick you and your friends and drop off at their homes on time. When you will choose our charter bus service in New York City, all you have to do is to get them ready for such a fun-filled event. Be sure to discuss about your evening plans to the chauffeur to ensure that the schedule is kept. Doing this will avoid extra fees if you will need the limo for longer than you anticipated.

Get a safe, reliable and fun-packed transportation from luxury party bus in New Jersey of NYNJ Limousine. For more details, connect with us on Facebook and Google+.

<![CDATA[Great Ideas for Your Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party]]>Wed, 27 May 2015 08:21:27 GMThttp://nynjlimousine.weebly.com/blog/great-ideas-for-your-sweet-sixteen-birthday-partyPicture
We all know that arranging a party is very traumatic and can be frustrating at times, especially a Sweet sixteen party! Thinking of an idea and theme is considerably more distressing because you need everything to be great. We are here to dispose of some of that headache and stress and that party planning causes you. We have come up with some diverse, fun, and inventive Sweet 16 birthday party thoughts! Pick one, or combine two or more ideas to make the unforgettable Sweet 16 gathering that you have always dreamed.

Movie and Dinner

Invite couple of your closest companions and go to a fun restaurant; one you haven't been to in awhile! Go see that movie which you'd been biting the dust to watch, keeping in mind you're there, feel free to spend too much on popcorn and pop!

Pool Party

Pool party is an extraordinary route for your companions to unwind and hang out in the pool. Hire a DJ to keep the music going and to join the pool into the evening with challenges and games which can be truly incredible during summer. You can setup a titan movie screen alongside the pool to show the films on, or have a volleyball net or basketball hoop on if you don’t already have one for the pool.

Beach Party

Everybody loves to go unwind on the shoreline. This is the ideal spot for a sweet 16 gathering. Play out in the sun, make sand mansions, get your tan on, and bring an outing! You could even BBQ at the shoreline. Make this night unique by having a nightfall supper there as well! In any case, this day is certain to be super fun with the greater part of your companions!

Hire luxury vehicles like limousine and party buses for your sweet 16 party at NY NJ Limousine and travel like a queen. Contact us today and book your fleet in a budget friendly price.

<![CDATA[Exclusive Fleet Of Chauffeur-Driven Pink Hummer Limousines]]>Sat, 16 May 2015 14:22:15 GMThttp://nynjlimousine.weebly.com/blog/exclusive-fleet-of-chauffeur-driven-pink-hummer-limousinesPicture
Want to make a statement on the big day like wedding, birthday or prom night? If yes, then choose big and bold Hummer limousines. With the strong blend of ultimate protection, unmistakable style, luxury and comfort, Hummer can offer you the safest and the best ride for your event. So what you will want to stand out rather than exclusive Hummers in the crowd!

Well-equipped with a high standard sound system ready to play your favorite tunes, wide TV screen, drinks bar, nightclub lighting and enough space, it can offer you everything that you will expect on your special day. The inside party can be  completely unavoidable due to the presence of tinted windows. Rest assured that, it won’t give any clue about the inside party to the nearby observers.

Hummer limos are the best option for once-in-a-lifetime girl’s night out. Riding in a Pink Hummer limo in New Jersey can mark the events while being resplendently stylish. For Prom, Sweet Sixteen, wedding or bachelorette party, it can offer you the exotic ride. Also perfect for graduations and other assorted celebratory events. However, it’s very easy to locate in a packed parking area.

In short, a pink hummer can be the ultimate ride option in feminine style. The uniform combination of toughness and attention-grabbing color can reveal the uniqueness of your event. As you are a girl from the 21st century, It’s certainly look that you are the person with perfect charisma who can have the access to use this stunning effect.

Step out of a chauffeur driven pink hummer limo in New Jersey and make your entrance grand with confident flair. No need to think about the world. Only think, you are the only person enjoying the celebration in your own way and creating the memories not quickly forgotten.

When people think about hiring a luxury vehicle, their mind will have only the two obvious choices i.e. black and white. Bust most choose pink not only it will look good on you, for that occasion, it should really! Get a quote from NYNJ Limousine and drive safely and comfortably in our chauffeur-driven hummer limousines. To know more about party bus rental option, connect with us on Facebook and Google+.

<![CDATA[Gift Guide to Amaze Your Wife in This Anniversary]]>Wed, 03 Dec 2014 11:06:41 GMThttp://nynjlimousine.weebly.com/blog/gift-guide-to-amaze-your-wife-in-this-anniversary Picture
What year of anniversary you are going to celebrate this year? 1st, 2nd, 3rd………10th; No matter what the count is, Anniversary is always a special day for every couple. For men, this day may not value as much as his better half will, but women are always particular to these special days. A woman’s life is just like a photo album and anniversary is one of the most memorable photos in this album. Making this day special to her is certainly a must fulfill responsibility for every husband, after all she is the most essential part of every man’s life. Fill her day with your love and care. Present some amazing gifts and make her happy. But when the turn comes to gifts and surprise, men are always week in this field. They often get confused and frustrated with this matter. Now don’t worry. Read these below given tips to solve the gift idea confusion for your anniversary.

A Candle Light Dinner

Now you must be thinking this is the most common idea. Why we are placing this in our list? But before that that, read this completely. We are not talking about the candle light dinner in restaurant. How about a beautiful candle light dinner menu at your own place prepared by you? As you know cooking is always associated with women. Then why don’t you get in her shoes for one day to make her happy. Send her to any friend or relative’s house. Prepare her favorite dishes with great care. Arrange a good bottle of wine and decorate your place with beautiful candles to amaze her when she returns.

Outing or Vacation

 A woman doesn’t get enough time to travel outside because she has to look after her family and home all the time. She never complains for this also. Give her a break from this daily work schedule. Take her for an outing or for a drive vacation. Choose some beautiful places for your visit. Hire a comfortable and luxurious ride for your journey. Spend quality time and appreciate her for what she is doing year by year to make your life so special.

Marry Again

Marry again… Not to a new one, again her. Marriage day is undoubtedly the most memorable event in every woman’s life. Then how about to gift her the same day, same felling for one more time. Arrange the schedule as like before but this time with small number of guests. Arrive you place with a beautiful limousine with your wife. Gift a ring to her and have a blasting party with your guests. Marrying again will reflect your love, affection and respect towards her.

Apply one of these on your anniversary day this year to make it special. To book various luxury fleets and charter bus for special occasions, contact NY NJ Limousine today. All our vehicles are top in condition and completely suit your budget. Call us at 1-888-512-5660 or visit our website www.nynjlimousine.com to choose your fleet and book it.

<![CDATA[Top Events in New York for the Month of November]]>Tue, 18 Nov 2014 07:36:56 GMThttp://nynjlimousine.weebly.com/blog/top-events-in-new-york-for-the-month-of-november Picture
New York is the city of events. As you know, this is the month of November and that means holidays are going to start. Celebrating the holiday season in New York will surely be very special for anyone. This month New York City is going to blast off with some mind blowing events, parties and festivals, which you just can’t miss. Here is the list for all these fun places. Just note them and get ready for a awesome holiday season.

  • Radio city Christmas spectacular

Date- 7th November-3st1 December

A great place for your Christmas celebration. Enjoy the performance of world famous dance group “The Rockettes” at here.

Click here for tickets.

  • 88th Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
Date- 27th November 2014 (9am – 12pm)

A fun filled parade with lots of colorful floats, falloons, balloonicle, marching bands and lots of funny people. Hang out here with your friends or family and have a complete fulfilled day.

  • From the High Line NYC Art Exhibit
Date- 28th October – 22nd November

You will see eye catchy oil painting collections of famous painter Ellen Bradshaw at here. The exhibition will be placed at Pleiades Gallery.

  • InterHarmony Concert Series
Date- 6th November

Place- Weill Recital Hall, Carnegie Hall

This one is especially for music lovers. Here the magical music of Dominick Argento, Mikhail Glinka, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky and Eugène Ysaÿe in this concert.

These events are just awesome to make your holidays special and memorable. Just grab a lemo loaded with your friends or family members and attend these magnificent concerts. We at NY NJ Limousine provide stylish and luxurious limousines, sedans, SUVs and party buses to attend events and other special occasions.

Visit our website www.nynjlimousine.com to book your fleet.

<![CDATA[Planning For a Bachelor Party? Remember This…]]>Tue, 28 Oct 2014 10:58:13 GMThttp://nynjlimousine.weebly.com/blog/planning-for-a-bachelor-party-remember-thisPicture
Are you going to get married soon? Then hurry up man. There are so many things you have to do before you change your status single to married. And the most important one is having a bachelor party. It’s a tradition for men to have a bachelor party with their friends (only men) before they get hooked up with a girl for all their life. This is the night where you can do all the things that only a man can do at his bachelor period. After that, you will be a family man and there will be a fewer chance for you to do all these fun. So it is compulsory for every man to make this day a special one. Here are some ideas to throw a superb bachelor party.

1.Start your planning by choosing an activity or selecting an appropriate place for your party.

2.    You can do it in a single night or for a whole week. It all depends on your budget. It is better for you to calculate your total budget before you go for it. More fun needs more money, so choose accordingly.

3.    If you are limited in budget and planning for a trip then prepare a list of your best friends whom you want to invite in your bachelor trip. For others, you can give a regular party in any pub or bar to satisfy them.

4.    A road trip to your favorite places or a trip to Vegas or a Hawaiian vacation, you can choose any one from these for a weekly plan.

5.    For a single night party, it will be a great choose to a superb club or bar or pub. Just hire a beautiful party bus and load all your friends to the party spot. Party buses are really a great option for celebrate your bachelor party at its best.

6.    Choose a party theme for your bachelor party. An erotic theme will be a perfect choice. If you are planning to celebrate it in your place, then call 1-2 strippers, buy lots of drinks and arrange good music systems.

One more last and most important thing you have to do is “Enjoy the party like it’s your last day of independence.” God knows after this when you will get a chance to entertain yourself by this way and a married man can describe this very well rather than me.

At NY NJ Limousine, we provide you best quality party buses and vehicles for amusement. Contact Us today and book exclusive party buses for special occasions.

<![CDATA[King of Limousine : the Beast]]>Thu, 09 Oct 2014 07:26:50 GMThttp://nynjlimousine.weebly.com/blog/king-of-limousine-the-beastPicture
The Presidential state car which is as well recognized as “The Beast” is the official state car of United State’s president. The current presidential car is a 2009 year model limousine class Cadillac One. With a cost of over $300,000 and some very special features, this car is the most secure vehicle of the world. Chauffeur of this vehicle is a CIA agent and well trained to drive in every hazardous condition.

The 8 inch thick armor made from the combination of titanium, steel, aluminum and ceramic of this car is so tough that it can bear several RPG attacks. This automobile has its own oxygen supply, emergency medical equipments and a blood bank matching to president’s blood type. There are also several defense accessories available in the vehicle like night-vision cameras, tear gas cannons and pump action shotguns, which is just enough to throw a good treat for bad guys. A 5 inch thick reinforced steel plate chassis protects it from unlikely events like bomb being placed underneath. The fuel tank is also armor platted to save the car from catching fire at the time of any accident.

This vehicle also consists of an encrypted satellite phone, safe, interactive video system, a foldaway desktop, laptop with Wi-Fi, and a direct line to the vice president and the Pentagon. Though the vehicle is totally sealed, it is also immune from chemical attacks. Tires are Kevlar-reinforced, puncture resistant and hold steel rims inside it. With a 6.5 liter powerful diesel engine, it can talk to winds in just a couple of seconds. Windows of this car are bullet proof and tough enough to withstand armor piercing bullets. Driver dash board contains a communication center and GPS tracking system.

For all these reasons, it truly deserves the name “THE BEAST”. These are just only few facilities of this vehicle. For national security reasons, all the exact specification of this vehicle is kept safe.

After reading this, now you surely want to travel by this limousine which is impossible. But at NY NJ Limousine, we can provide you best quality luxury limousines for your tours and special occasions with a budget friendly price. Contact us today to book your limousine.

<![CDATA[Why Party Bus Is a Great Option Rather than Other Vehicles? ]]>Wed, 01 Oct 2014 11:55:08 GMThttp://nynjlimousine.weebly.com/blog/why-party-bus-is-a-great-option-rather-than-other-vehicles
What is the best thing you can do on Friday night? And the one and only answer is party. We all love to go on a party. For a great party, you need special ideas, lots of preparation and an exceptional fleet to reach the party spot. So, now you are thinking, what fleet will be the best for you to go on a party? Now days, party buses is the most favorite one for this.

A party bus has all the accommodations that you need for a high class travel and superior enjoyment. These type buses are specially designed for large groups. It has many benefits, which makes it a superior vehicle for outgoing rather than other ordinary vehicles or simple buses.

1. A party bus can handle a group of 60 individuals. So you don’t have to hire a no. of fleets for a single event.

2. Well equipped with big flat screen TVs, iPod connector, both CD and DVD player, wet bar, rest room, etc. for a better and comfortable journey.

Party Bus NJ3. Why to wait for the party spot for dance, you can do it on your way inside of this bus. Every party bus comes with superb quality surround sound, dancing pole and bright lightning. Grab a beer and warm up yourself before you reach your destination.

Wedding Limo Service4. Affordable in price than other luxury sedans and SUVs.

5. Comes with experienced driver, so that you can enjoy your party at its best and return home safely.

For ultimate comfort, only choose a party bus to reach your destination. Book your party bus with us today at NY NJ Limousine, the best place to hire luxurious fleets with affordable cost.

<![CDATA[Spice up Your Party with a Stretched Limo]]>Wed, 24 Sep 2014 08:25:04 GMThttp://nynjlimousine.weebly.com/blog/spice-up-your-party-with-a-stretched-limoPicture
Hey, Party Lovers. Today is Friday and it’s the party time. Wear your favorite t-shirts, jeans and shoes and get ready for a BANG. Wait, what about your fleet? Are you going to party by a taxi or by a bus? That will be a complete disaster then. You need something big, luxurious, comfortable and stylish for this. Think then what can be right for your party transportation? Yes you are right, a Limousine. Limo is the perfect vehicle for party going.

Style and look, both matter for your best image in a party. A Limousine ensures you both of these. Just think, how would you like to impress your friends in the party the most, by coming down from a Limo or a taxi! If you are seeking both style and convenience in your transportation, Stretch Limousine will be a great choice for you.

Amenities of a Stretched Limo

1. Up to 20 seats for passengers. Means more space and more fun. Your entire group can travel inside it. So you don’t have to hire 2-3 cars for a single party.

2. Full leather accessories.

3. Driven by chauffeurs, so don’t hesitate to drink more.

4. More foot space for a comfortable journey.

5. Large T.V screen, DVD player and CD stereo, all attached to it.
6. Lighted personal bar.

7. Well lighting facilities.

8.GPS for better navigation.

9.Well climate control system.

For all these reasons, Stretched Limousine is a better option than cars for outgoing. Charges to hire a Limo is also significantly lesser than the fare of a luxury car.

To know more about this luxury vehicle and check for its availability contact us today at NY NJ Limousine. We are the best Place to hire luxurious and splendor rides.

<![CDATA[Enjoy Partying the Whole Night with a Party Bus Rental]]>Mon, 08 Sep 2014 11:31:28 GMThttp://nynjlimousine.weebly.com/blog/enjoy-partying-the-whole-night-with-a-party-bus-rentalPicture
For celebrating a certain event, you will normally rent a venue for the party or celebrate it at home. But at some point of time you will get bored of partying at the same event and will want to move out towards a new place to enjoy as the night will be young for you.

In this situation a party bus will help you in accommodating all your group of invited guests which the private vehicles could not have done. By hopping clubs the whole night you will enjoy the fullest of your party. The bus will be operated by well trained individuals to ensure you of safety and security.

Hiring a party bus will let you celebrate every type of party. Either birthday party or a bachelor/bachelorette party, party bus assures of having a good time together on the road. It help you in visiting places, let you enjoy the scenery along the way and meet new people; this adds a spice to your party. You just have to enjoy yourselves and the rest will be taken care of by the party bus employees.

Party buses vary in having different kind of amenities within it. You can get the one suited for your party and the guests. Some examples of the different kinds of amenities are: karaoke machines, excellent sound systems, neon lights, private toilets separate for men and women, etc.

Celebrate the good times with your group of friends and explore new ways of having fun by hiring a party bus from NY NJ Limousine (www.nynjlimousine.com). Do all the fun activities and visit attractions within and outside the city with family and friends by hiring one of our best coaches.